CNC - Turning running a full range of single spindle, multi-spindle and Swiss turning automatics CNC.


CNC - Milling wide range of milling machines to fulfill a variety of roles, with equipment from trusted brand.


CAD/CAM SolidWorks and Edgecam


Experienced quality staff, metrology, enginerrs and high quality CMM machine.

CNC Turning

Holm Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd. is running a full range of single spindle ,multi-spindle and Swiss turning automatics CNC. Each of multi-spindles machines are equipped with additional Y-Axis driving tool to enable the automatic machining of complex parts in on process to minimize processing cost and provide consistent quality .Capability able to handle material size from 6/32” up to 8” diameter.

CNC Milling

Holm Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd. We have a wide range of milling machines to fulfill a variety of roles. With equipment from trusted names , customer can be sure the parts are machined on the most advanced equipment available, perform by vertical and horizontal CNC milling machine on 3, 4, and 5 axis. Our equipment and skilled staff can handle a variety of jobs, ranging from general to High-accuracy operations.

Design & Assembly

Holm Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd. is One-Stop-Shop manufacturing, We help customer to develop new product since idea design until launch to the market,Our capability able to provide simple assemblies that are complete to customer requirements. We have an excellent network of partner companies that provide us with finishing solutions such as heat treating, plating, anodizing, painting and grinding.  We can also assemble your parts into finished components and provide product specific packaging to customer requirements.

Quality Management

Holm Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd. have an experienced staff of quality, metrology and engineers who are skilled in equipment and process validation , geometric dimensioning and tolerance control. Our skilled team also incorporates the additional tools to ensure the highest quality standards are achieved.

Material Capability

Holm Machinery Asia Co.,Ltd. Have a large variety of materials are in stock imported from europe, and with experienced buyers to quickly source any material that's not available in-house.

  • Stainless steel : SUS 303 , SUS 304, SUS316/316L
  • Aluminium : AA5083 , AA5075 , AA6061 , AA6063, AA7075
  • Plastics: PP , PE , HDPE , PVC , POM , PC , POM, PC , PEI , PTFE , PEEK , PMMA

  • Product Sample